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That’s hard

Qui aurait pu croire que ne pas te parler ainsi aurait été si dur ?

C’est lorsque je n’y suis plus autorisée que je me pose des centaines de questions… Certaines reviennent plus que d’autres.

You said you needed 2 months to feel better after your relation with Samantha was done. But she actually broke up with you… Not you. Maybe you thought of it, sure.. But she did it. Not you. And you are right, I don’t know anything about your relation with her. I don’t know her, I will never do. What I think of her however is that she’s pretty. And I also think that it’s extremely lovely the things you did for her, wake up in the middle of the night to talk to her… As you told me. Would you have done that for… me ? You finally told me when you were angry with me, that your relation with her was more stable, and longer. That, K, was a complete real humiliation. And I think you’ve never said anything that hurt me more. So I’m.. what. Less worth than she was, cause our relation, let’s admit it, was quite Easy, in comparison with your relation with her.


Your relation with her was more stable, and longer… … … I feel like jumping out of the window right now.

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